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Shutters or Curtains?

Homeowners and interior designers alike are embracing their potential for adding to a classic minimalist interior design theme. And the best bit? They’re perfect for any room in the home, from the bedroom and sitting room to your kitchen and even patio doors.

But maybe you’ve been used to curtains for shutting out the light and giving you privacy over the years and aren’t quite sure about going down the shutters route? That’s perfectly understandable, but let us point out what you’ve been missing out on all these years by choosing to go with the hoi polloi:

Why window shutters work so well

  • Light control: Sure, you can always shut out light with curtains – but you can’t control it to the same extent as you can with shutters. Not only that, but Tier-on-tier shutters or full height shutters with a mid-rail means you can open the top half and leave the bottom closed, or vice versa.


  • Great ventilation: Shutters win hands down here in comparison to curtains. Shutters allow ventilation whilst marinating privacy.


  • Privacy: You can feel as if you are ‘shutting out the world’ when you close your close shutters and they can be adjusted to everything in-between, whereas curtains are all or nothing.


  • Additional warmth: In those colder months we’re so familiar with here in the UK, shutters can provide the best insulation and, better still, help cut down on your heating bills.


  • Enhance design: Yes, you can add contrasting or complementing colors with curtains, but the shutters themselves can become a major part of your room’s architectural design. White and neutral colored shutters can also create a ‘clean look’ throughout the home – and which is why contemporary minimalist designs often work best.


  • Sound absorbing: Solid shutter panels, in particular, are excellent at shutting out external noise (as well as providing first-class insulation for your room).


  • Add width: Shutters can give a small room a larger appearance by making the walls seem wider when the shutters are opened out – especially if they’re painted the same color as the wall. A colored blind would ‘chop up’ the wall as your eye took in the room.


  • Easy clean: Quick dust will keep your shutters looking great all year round.


  • Custom designed: Getting shutters specially measured and crafted means they’ll be a perfect fit for your windows, not just ensuring they look great – but provide all the benefits we have just listed.

Our hardwood or very affordable MDF window shutter panels come in a wide choice of styles, colors and louvre widths. They also have three year’s warranty. For a consultation and to find out more get in touch with us today.

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