5 things which makes plantation shutters awesome

5 Things Which Makes Plantation Shutters Awesome

Plantation shutters have unique designs and are ideal for using almost every type of home interiors. Here are some of the things that make these shutters a must-have in homes:



1. They have no cords that can tangle
Children often face issues with the shutters that have chords as they tend to get tangled and fall down. Choose plantation shutters which are easy to handle and are safe to be used in the home. Moreover, these are perfect when if you are fond of having plants in the home and do not want something with hard wires all round which can hurt if not maintained properly. You can even install custom made plantation shutters to give them your personal taste.

2. They allow light to get in when opened and work as blinds during the night
You can always open the bay window plantation shutters whenever you want the light to come in and close down the shutters when you want to put it off. These are perfect for adjusting the lighting in the house and are easy to accommodate which makes them highly desirable for the home space.

3. The windows would look beautiful even without additional accessories
The plantation shutters come in separate frames and are polished which is why there is no need to spend on other accessories such as drapes or curtains for the window area. This would help you to save a lot of money and also give a clean and streamlined look to your space.

4. They are energy efficient
The best part about using the plantation shutters is that they are a perfect way to insulate the home. For those who have drafty windows, they can use the shutters to keep the heat in and cold out during the winter season and vice versa during the summers.

5. They are easy to clean
The bay window plantation shutters are easy to clean than the blinds as you just need to unscrew them from the window area and scrub them down. You can then hang them so that they can dry during the day. Also, on days when they do not need maintenance, you can close the shutters and dust them off.

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