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Top 7 Pros And Cons Of Plantation Shutters

Different homes have different window shapes and sizes and looking for a window treatment can be a confusing task. Plantation shutters are most popular window treatments available, but they are not a solution for everybody. So, to decide whether they are a good choice or not, it is convenient to look for their pros and cons.

PRO: Customized look

Plantation shutters are custom made so that they could fit your windows perfectly. Detailed measurements are required to make these Plantation shutters. Due to being custom made, they provide clean and unique look to your windows. They need plantation shutters specialists in Kent & London to be installed.

CON: Different solutions

Plantation shutters are not the only solution available, custom made draperies or shades comes in variety of options regarding their colour, material and texture making them provide a unique and different look to your home.

PRO: Increases the Value

Plantation shutters adds value to your home because of being popular and the fact that they are not being removed when owner lefts the house. They stay with the house and increase the value of the home.

CON: Differences in prices

Because of being custom made, these Plantation shutters prices are not fixed and depends on how much work needs to be done in preparing them.
PRO: Pay according to work

Since they are custom built so they cannot be plucked from any place and used for any other purpose than home use. Being custom made makes their appearance look flawless and they always belong to the window for which they are being made.

CON: Regular maintenance

Plantation shutters need regular routine TLC. Also, to maintain them you need to keep them clean and crisp for its appearance. Most of the Plantation shutters are made up of wood that tends to acclimate during change in its climate and environment. Also, due to changes in temperatures the louvers may need to be tightened with the help of screw driver.

PRO: Functionality

Plantation shutters provide a great look to your home. You can also open the lovers in order to let light enter the room that will help in cutting costs of energy. You can also keep them close to protect your furniture from fading in the presence of sun.

With so many pros and cons available, it is up to one to make perfect choice. There are various experts that prov
ide plantation shutters in London for a perfect solution to your window treatment. These plantation shutters installation specialists are highly skilled and experienced. If you have any queries also, then these Plantation shutter specialists are there to help you with any queries that you may have.

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